T Handle Dibber USA Made Garden Trug Pot Brush
Leaf Sack
List: $4.50
Wood Bulb Planter
List: $20.00
Pot Brush
List: $30.00
Readily compost leaves, even in small yards, by bagging and storing debris in our handy leaf sacks. Fill in the fall for rich compost in the spring or following fall, depending on conditions. For quickest results, store in the open so the bag is well exposed to the elements throughout the winter. The bag will biodegrade along with the leaves.

Our solid oak dibbers make for easy planting of seedlings and small bulbs. Graduated in inches to ensure planting at the correct depth. Made in England from Sustainably sourced oak.

15" long with T shaped handle that measures 4 3/4" across

These hand-crafted trugs are light weight, yet durable and made to last. Constructed of Pacific Northwest Myrtlewood and fastened with copper nails. The trugs are dipped in food safe mineral oil for a lovely natural finish.

Designed for cleaning flower pots at the end of each season. The brush has a solid wood handle and hard wearing, densely packed bristles perfectly shaped for reaching the edges of any shape or size pot. Made in England. Overall length is 9.5". The brush measures 4" long and the width tapers from 5" to 3"

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